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This blog is specifically for anyone on Original Worship to comment on a song. Have you found a song that touches your heart? Have you gotten a chance to worship with a particular song? Are you loving a catchy phrase or interesting melody? Has something spoken to you deeply here?

Keep it short and keep it positive, believe me, creative people are tough enough on themselves. And like mom always said “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything!”

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  1. Kevin Jackson
    Kevin Jackson says:

    “Purchased With Your Blood” by Darren Motley is such a sweet sounding love song to Jesus. Classic hymn meets smooth Jazz, I love it! Sing along or just relax and let it minister to you.

  2. katlyn teachen
    katlyn teachen says:

    I really enjoyed worshipping along with Daniel Pena’s song “You are good”, and also KJ Jr.’s song “Perfect Love”. I find myself singing the chorus to Kevin Jackson’s “Elijah’s song” around the house.. “I will worship in the beauty of Your holiness, in Your presence I find Your peace and my rest” – I love singing that out to Him! Also Darren Motley’s “Forever I will be in love with You” put a smile on my face as I sang along to it!
    Awesome stuff everyone, I love hearing these songs!

  3. André
    André says:

    Kevin Jackson’s song titled: ” Who You say I am” has great potential and for studio recording. Would love to be his producer on it!!!


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